An analysis of the rave culture in music

The secrecy and clandestine nature of getting to the event was an important part of the thrill of raving. Rave culture, like the gambling houses of Las Vegas, offers pleasure and danger in equal measure.

While this may have occurred in a few parties, soon any rave party was tagged "a drug festival". I shall begin this dissertation with a brief history of the development of rave events and rave music.

Some raves make use of pagan symbolism. It escapes definition by neither positioning itself as opposed to mass culture nor as a part of it.

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Anderson's investigation of the sources of cultural change provides a welcome break from much of the prior work on youth subcultures, which defines scenes in terms of either drug abuse or working class resistance. At the same time they borrow from the ontology of horror movies, a cultural form that society sees as trash culture, and turn it into something semi-religious.

It has at its disposal no base where it can capitalize on its advantages, prepare its expansions, and secure independence with respect to circumstances It questions the value system which is commonly ascribed to various cultural forms, and suggests that all culture may be of equal value, if its ultimate purpose is the reclamation of the alienated objects of 'mass society'.

Disco music was characterised by an emphasis on the beat as the most dominant element in the music. I was at school at this time and friends of mine would hear about a rave on a pirate radio station usually Kiss FM and get hold of some tickets.

Rave also originated from one of the least respected forms of popular culture - the package holiday. By putting these signs together, without necessarily appropriating the conventions that belong to the original context, rave reveals a previously perceived boundary as false.

Hebdige likened bricolage to early surrealist experiments with collage and spontaneity.

Rave Culture

It is this contraction of the past which excludes the possibility of authenticating the lived moment. Some have argued it reflects the refusal of citizenship, adulthood and responsibilities.

Electronic dance music

By taking sounds from life and distorting them with modern technology, rave can express a very real fear of technology. I came to rave culture as an outsider looking in, and from a rather peculiar position of a young person commenting on the activity of my peers. Rave offers an arena for entertainment which is freed from the surveillance imposed on us by institutional procedures, apparatus, architecture, private security and closed circuit television.

A beach may signify the escapism of a holiday; a warehouse may signify the decline of industrialisation; and a sports arena may signify commercial profiteering.

What is rave an expression of. This emphasis on dancing to a frenzy is not new to Britain but is perhaps a new phenomenon for large numbers of British people to experience. In more recent years,[ when. Like punk, raves offer a liberation from the notion of expertise.

Electronic music became the new thing to listen and dance to. I am also inclined to go along with Reynolds' analysis of sexuality of rave which he looks at through the discourses of psychoanalysis.

And it is an irony that the 90's have witnessed the convergence of rave culture with other DIY cultures such as travellers and squatters. For example the week long occupation of public land at Castle Morton in May was initiated by a nomadic sound system collective called Spiral Tribal and their festival-going followers.

By the mid 80's the warehouse party scene had become more popular and influential. It's not as simple as that to enjoy oneself. Cultural critics have found it difficult to argue that rave poses any resistance to anything at all.

We've had stories about guys stopping midway through fornication. There were mainstream events which attracted thousands of people up to 25,[ citation needed ] instead of the 4, that came to earlier warehouse parties.


Prior to the commercialization of the rave scene, when large legal venues became the norm for these events, the location of the rave was kept secret until the night of the event, usually being communicated through answering machine messages, [23] mobile messaging, secret flyers, and websites.

Ecstasy is the drug most closely associated with the rave scene, and an increasingly popular one.

Timeline of the Rave Scene and its Strong Impact Across the Globe

If rave music is mood music then Happy House is uplifting and upbeat, Techno is ambiguously futuristic, Ambient is calming, and Darkside which was an aspect of 'drum and bass' which developed into Jungle could be said to express a dystopian mood.

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The Home of the 4 Hour Investor Grade Business Plan. Faster investor quality documentation using HyperQuestions. But all cultures, whether Greek or rave have a starting point, an inception and in this article, learn where it all started, with an in-depth analysis of the history of rave dancing and music and partying -.

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Anderson's analysis of the forces of cultural change is one of the most interesting aspects of this book, not just from the perspective of a musicologist but also because the alteration and decline of rave culture is presented as symbolising the general trend of youth cultures and scenes.

An analysis of the rave culture in music
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