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Higher scores on the three dimensions, namely, Confrontation, Trust and Authenticity indicate that: I chose manufacturing company for this topic. Congruence between what one feels, says and does; owing ones actions and mistakes, unreserved sharing of feelings. The value of confrontation responded good among teachers.

The overall mean score range between 3. A strategy can be developed for improving overall organizational culture. The perception of managerial group of JKTDC Limited also falls in the satisfactory range of scale as compared to non-managerial staff.

A better term would be confrontation exploration that implies facing a problem and working jointly with other concerned to find its solution.

Wegmans: HR Practices and Culture

The lowest mean value recorded at 1. A slight carelessness in managing manpower makes them less productive first, then zero productive and then counter productive asset, by being capable of instigation others also not to work or produce. It in the later action is in response to an act from some source, while in the former the action is taken independently of act form the other source.

A minimum level of trust may be deemed necessary for the introduction of the performance appraisal system and other elements of HRD. Corporate development depends on the speed of the organizational behavior and organizational behavior is affected by the behavior of the individual employees and their groups and structure.

The result of the study shows the existing HRD climate in the hospitals to a large extent is significantly poor.

Leadership and culture for motivation: A comparative study in India

Description From the last quarter of the previous century, a host of indomitable factors have been constantly threatening the survival of business organizations. At the core first level are the values, which give distinct identity to a group.

Keeping in view the paramount importance of managing people at work places effectively, the present study focused on the need for promoting favourable OCTAPACE culture in organizations irrespective of their size and nature of control.

Individuals, instead of solving their problems by themselves, share their concerns with one another and prepare strategies, work out plans of action, and implement them together.

Alphonsa, surveyed HRD climate in private hospital of Hyderabad with sample of 50 supervisors from different department participated in present study. The existence of good climate for the confrontations observed among managerial personnel of the organization.

This implies that employees in manufacturing zone are communicating and interacting freely while employees at other level are slightly unable to share their problems with each other. An Instrument for Organizational Dynamics managerial blame managers especially the top management that the delegation of authority to juniors is rare in tourism sector and whenever seniors delegate authority to juniors they take it opportunity for self development as well as for organizational development.

Higher scores in openness implies that employees at lower post are communicating and interacting freely while employees at managerial level are unable to share their problems with each other. The lowest mean value recorded at 3. Krishna and Rao, surveyed the organizational and HRD climate of one of the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India BHEL which shows that the value of autonomy responded poorly by employees.

Mishra and Dhar have conducted a study on middle level managers of manufacturing Pharmaceutical and service Banking companies which shows that the value of authenticity was recorded average. They anticipate issues and act or respond to the needs of the future. May you please guide me how to i proceed first.

Priyadarshini and Venkatapathy, have conducted a comparative study on 20 leading banking Industries in India. The management may create an environment of openness by giving the opportunity to its employees to express their views, ideas, and suggestions without fear for everyone.

This unique identity provides organizations with the opportunity to attain strategic leadership. The 5 point likert type technique was administered to assess as to how effectively the individual components of the existing HRD climate are operating.

OCTAPACE - Questionnaire

Employees may be given more freedom to plan their work rather than imposing work on them. It multiplies power in system and the basis is collaboration.

Hence, from a total of responses, complete responses were collected 84 S. This research topic has been studied and is well-known in worldwide. Experimentation has come up to be highest in ZONE-E officeswhich means that employees are trying new and innovative means to solve problems.

Deal and Kennedy define organizational culture as the way things get done around here. Patel, has conducted a comparative study of 20 branches of DCCBs, using employees from 10 high performing branches and 10 low performing branches were selected, found that trust recorded above average.

In order to assess the perceptional differences of both the parties with respect to OCTAPACE culture, the view of the managers group fall in satisfactory range of scale in both the organizations as depicted from the table 2. They face the issues squarely without hiding them or avoiding them for fear of hurting each other.

A Research Project Report on To study the OCTAPACE culture in workplace (with reference to DAWAR group,Agra) Submitted to Mahamaya Technical University, Noida, in the partial fulfillment of requirement for the award of degree of MASTER OF Business Administration (MBA) MAHAMAYA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, NOIDA Session Under the guidance of Dr.

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D.S. Yadav Assistant Professor. Employee’s job satisfaction is one of the main influential factors for the effectiveness of human resource development.

The aim of this study is to investigate the impacts of organizational culture, knowledge management and employee engagement on job satisfaction among public officers. A Study of Organizational Culture: Octapace-Profile Analysis and InterpretationAs per the tentative norms given by Pareek (), the overall culture score of an organization can range from a.

Organizational Culture: An Empirical Study on Selected Garment Factories in Bangladesh The study is an attempt to identify and measure the perceived organizational culture in selected sample factories in the ready-made garments (RMG) sector.

“A culture with OCTAPACE profile mean scoreshas the greater chance of achieving high involvement and satisfaction, within the organization (Subrahmanian, ).” Short definitions of various dimensions of OCTAPACE culture, found in an article written by Dr.

Subrahmanian (), are given below. Need for OCTAPACE culture in tourism sector: An instrument for organizational dynamics. Paper presented at the 5th international conference on E-governance, Hyderabad, December 28– [Google Scholar]) which is essential for TQM implementation.

Octapace culture
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